The hiker refrain away traces, except in authorized areas by following the instructions in the guide.

Quad, if he should make a u-turn or whatever ' other maneuver, he refrains from doing so in a cultivated area, Garden, and... It is always possible to do it in a location which makes this possible.

The hiker complies with local regulations, regarding the collection of flowers, fruits or plants in general.

The hiker doesn't throw or leaves drag any object or detritus. In the case of picnic, it reports them or entrusted to the guide.

The approach of the oasis and village the quad hiker rolls in the pas.

The hiker enters any classified zones nature reserves unless otherwise authorized and accompanied by a guide.

The hiker shall refrain in all circumstances to scare or harass the animals (goats, sheep, camels, birds of prey, cats etc.), whether it is isolated animal or herd. Quad it reduces its allure and marks possibly shutdown long as necessary to ensure their quietude.

Hiker quad crossed streams to Ford on the most direct route and when it is clearly a traditional passage.

RESPECT for others.
The hiker must avoid tag hiking (or special circumstance, remove its markup as soon as the hike is complete).

The hiker does common ique not road book or its GPS points in the media in order to avoid excessive frequentation on sites.

If the quad hiker encounters vehicles or gear, it leaves them an absolute priority possibly backwards up a passable release.
When it passes through villages or along isolated dwellings, hiker quad rolls the steps and demonstrated, there also the greatest courtesy.

Generally, when he cannot avoid passing by the villages, the hiker is particularly discreet.

RESPECT for the environment.
The hiker quad must have a vehicle complying with the legislation in force, in good mechanical condition (if you come with your quad)

The hiker must provide assistance to anyone in difficulty on the sites.

The nature received you, then makes him politeness.

Charter of heritage.
You need to explore during your stay of the remarkable sites forming part of the cultural and historical heritage of the Morocco

In no case you don't communicate the locations of the sites after your return.

Trade of any object belonging to the Moroccan heritage is prohibited

In doing so you will help to preserve this unique heritage.

Thank you.